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Diadema White Collection Moresque Parfum

Diadema White Collection

Moresque Parfum




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Diadema takes its name from “diadem”, the distinguishing symbol of sovereignty and nobility.

This perfume gourmand crowns luscious and charming caramel, an ingredient that, for many, takes its origins in the discovery of “Kurat Al Milh” (“ball of sweet salt”) by the Arabs.

A delightful scented jewel that evokes the high value Caliphs were said to attribute to sugar. Diadema is adorned with fruity notes of cherries, bergamot and orange. Its central ornament is a delicate and floral accord of rose and jasmine. The base marks the triumph of sweetness.

Diadema White Collection

Codice: MoresqueParfum 02

Tendenza: gourmand

Tipologia: Italia

Sesso: Donna

Testa: Foglie verdi, Bergamotto, Arancia

Cuore: Ylang-Ylang, Gelsomino, Assoluta di rosa

Fondo: Vaniglia, Patchouli, Caramello, Benzoino

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