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Olivier Durbano

by Olivier Durbano, a young architect-turned-designer with a flair for interior decoration, sources his gemstones and materials at random from all four corners of the earth

A work-related trip to Middle East saw Olivier wandering through the mazes of these far bazaars and returning enchanted, pockets and cases

overflowing with extraordinary pearls, beads and mineral stones.

A passion for gems was born...

Unearthing fragments of buried memories and emotions, primitive stones or contemporary talismans to offer a world in search of pureness, harmony and serenity...

Olivier Durbano designs and assembles his exclusive and unique "Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes" pieces alone in the inspirational solitude of his "Jade"

workshop, nomade or sedentary, reflecting on a world of emotions and mystery

were stones : brown stones from white sand beaches, pearls buried in the hidden depths of drawers, jewels dropped on a pavement and lost in a faceless city... Semi-precious stones, scattered pebbles... From the bazaars of the Near East the beads of a showy and pagan rosary strung on a golden thread, with just inspiration and intuition as a guiding light. From common glass to sparkling treasures from exotic lands... Immaculate urban lights shining from their ephemeral world of asphalt... a kaleidoscope of colours filtered by light and by the naked eye, impressions and reality interacting in the eternal and abstract incompletion of the heavens, in harmonious mat and polished hues... coming to gild and adorn a velvet skin... As the supreme messenger, inviting the spirit to journey through a moonlit night steeped in the very essence of being.