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Anfas by Asim Al Qassim

Warmth, deep harmony, love and joy of sharing. ANFAS is the story of a tradition of the past: a precious olfactory embroidery where care, devotion, delicacy and listening are intertwined; a work of art that speaks of ancient acts of kindness, hospitality and benevolence. Six fragrances that run through the senses and offer a profound dialogue, drop after drop, beyond words, expressions and time. The doors of the heart open just as those of a mansion: they welcome light, bless with generosity, host opportunities and give respect. In a perfect balance of openness and sensitivity, the fragrances evoke the values of Arabian hospitality, the joy of welcoming, the breath of life: they are an embrace that transcends gestures, and wraps with extraordinary and expressive strength. Through the compositions, from the most delicate to the most profound ones, life is depicted in a new manner: the mind settles, time slows down, and the spirit surrenders to six pampering and distinguishing suggestions born to become the most magical gifts. A privilege to offer to others and to ourselves.